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Accustamp Ink Data Sheet

Arbor Products

Material Safety Data Sheet / Accustamp Reinking Ink

Applicable to the following Product Codes:

Manufacturer Code Description   NSN Product Code
090682 Blue Premix 10ml 7510-01-207-3959
090683 Red Premix 10ml 7510-01-207-3960
090684 Black Premix 10ml 7510-01-207-3961
Section 1 – Identification of Product:
Manufacturer’s Name Microcell Products Company
Emergency Phone Number 931-526-5630 / Dave Hedgecoth
Address 2258 West Broad Street
Cookeville, TN 38501
Trade Name Preink Premix
Chemical Name Glycol Ink
Chemical Family Mixture of Glycols, Plasticizers and Colorants
Chemical Formula Propriety
Section 2 – Hazardous Components of Mixture
Ingredient - % . CAS Reg Toxicological Info
1, 5-pentanediol 2% 111-29-5 Considered Non-Toxic
Oleic Acid 3% 112-80-1 Considered Non-Toxic
Diethylene Glycol 10% 111-46-6 Considered Non-Toxic
Castor Oil Ester 10% 78-22-8 Considered Non-Toxic
Butylated Phosphate 25% 115-86-6 Mildly Toxic LD50 4700/mg/kg
Black, Red or Blue Dye 10% Base Black 7
Basic Blue 1
Solvent Red 49

Eye Protection: This ink gives no reaction in the eyes of test rabbits. It is advised, however to wear safety glasses or goggles when handling this material as the colorants used in this ink will stain the eye and remain stained for several days. If splashed into the eyes, wash immediately with warm water. This ink is soluble in warm water and should wash out quickly. Afterwards, seek medical help.

SKIN PROTECTION: No ill effects were noted when the ink was applied to the skin of rabbits, however it is advised to wear gloves when handling the ink as the skin can and will be stained upon contact. If contact does occur, wash the affected area with waterless hand cleaner or warm soap and water. The colorant stains will wear off in a few days.

RESPIRATORY: This material being a liquid and not having an appreciable vapor pressure cannot be inhaled.

VENTILATION: This material in its natural state does not produce appreciable vapors and specific ventilation is not required.

INGESTION: This material is slightly toxic. Ingestion of small amounts should produce little if any effect. In larger amounts, slight gastro-intestinal discomfort may ensue. Ingestion of larger amounts, greater than 5 grams per kilogram of body weight should be treated as acute exposure to butylated triphenyl phosphate.

FIRE PROTECTION (This material in not considered flammable):
Flash Point: In excess of 200 Degrees C
Explosion Danger: Non at Temperatures up to 100 C
Combustion Products: Carbon Dioxide, Water, Traces of PxOx
Special Fire Fighting Info: Water Spray, CO2 or Class B
Reactivity Data: Stable
Appearance: Blue, Red or Black Liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.005 (8.5 pounds/gallon)
Boiling Point Unknown but in Excess of 200 C
Solubility in Water 70% Soluble (except for plastic resin)
Evaporation rate Negligible
Viscosity Approx 8000 cps (50 paise)

Spills should be cleaned up by first using sawdust, cat litter, powered clay, dirt, paper towels or other absorbent material. The remainder can be removed by using warm water and a good detergent with repeated applications. Some stain will remain from the colorants. This will eventually wear away. Application of diluted household chlorine bleach will help remove the stain. The colorants in this ink are not adversely affected by chlorine bleach except where the ink is a dilute stain.